Friday, August 18, 2017

Understanding The Spiritual Effects of A Solar Eclipse

Many of us are feeling the effects of the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. The
energy has been quite challenging for many and we here at both centers have been coaching many clients through their dark nights of the soul.  No matter how challenging life may be there is always, always a blessing waiting for you on the other side of each and every challenge. Sometimes the blessings are crystal clear immediately and sometimes the blessings are tucked in a corner or waiting for you a little further down the road. 

But wait...there's more!!! Not only are we experiencing the effects of the eclipse but the planet Mercury has gone retrograde which means we are also feeling the influences of Mercury when it is retrograde.  

Some of the common themes that are coming up for many are:
  1. Masks being taken off
  2. Hidden agendas are revealed
  3. A surge of anger coming to the surface
  4. Experiencing crazy dreams
  5. The need to separate oneself from drama 
  6. Our own shadow side is front and center
  7. Other people's shadow side is front and center
  8. Creativity is at an all-time high
  9. Communication is wonky on both parts
  10. Electronics are going haywire
  11. Accident incidents are increased
All that is coming to the surface is to help you align yourself with the path, people and opportunities that are for your highest and best good. Eclipses are catalysts for change and they pack quite an energetic punch. They get the ball rolling for us and the worst thing we can do for ourselves is to resist and try to go against the cosmic flow. 

There are some sweet benefits that come with the energies of the eclipse as well and I would highly suggest everyone take advantage of them. 

Please Do:
  • Plant those giant seeds, not just the small ones but the ginormous seeds that you have been a little leery of planting. This is big energy so it's either you go big or go home! I am going big during this time!
  • Dedicate more time and energy to your spiritual practice. Meditation, journaling, read books and or spend time with like-minded-conscious people.
  • Carry paired crystals such as moonstone and citrine or selenite and fire agate to embrace and enhance the solar and lunar aspects of the current energies that are influencing us. I would carry the moonstone and selenite on the left side for the lunar aspects and citrine and fire agate on the right side for the solar aspects. You can also create crystal grids with these crystals magnifying your intentions. 
  • Pay attention to the signs that spirit will be planting all around you. These signs may come in the form of animals, number sequences, songs on the radio or even through your dreams. Write down these signs in your journal. They will have meaning for you within the next few months.
Most importantly, try to not go into the place of fear or worry as things get stirred up for you. Remember all that occurs is for your benefit as a growing and evolving beautiful soul who is here to learn, share, grow and embrace the uniqueness of who you are. 

Blessings and Light,


Dreaming Rose said...

Both solar and lunar eclipses fill me with awe and energy. I am a Scorpio with many planets in Scorpio. I have been told by many people throughout my life that I am psychic in my ability to read others on a deep level, even if I have never met them before. I can feel the change in energy around the people I come into contact with this past year.

I have very vivid and surrealistic dreams. One of my soul mates says my dreams of out-of-body experiences could actually be real. I have studied lucid dreaming for many years. I find answers to many of my questions in the altered state that we call a dream. Do you believe it is possible to travel outside one's body?

I enjoyed your blog.

Sincerely, Dreaming Rose.

Wanda Chadwick-Bergey said...

This is sooo me these days, lol...I'm anxious, excited, overwhelmed but looking forward to the enhanced energies to come❣ Blessed Be sister )★(

Unknown said...

Thank you for a beautiful and heartfelt explanation. Blessed be.

Kanani B. said...

This was such a good read and really rang true for me on different levels. I have been feeling the effects as the eclipse nears however, will this continue AFTER it has passed, too?

Yuma said...

Thank you for posting this, I have found it hugely helpful!

A quick question if I may: Might one's anticipation of this also explain unusual behavior in the leadup to today?

Imani Anita Newsome said...

Peace. Great article...on point & helpful. Many Thanks!

The Mystical Moon said...

I am so glad this article brought a deeper understanding for everyone in regards to the energies leading up, during and afterwards.
Be sure to keep yourselves grounded, clear and trusting in the divine processes!


Truth B Told said...

Thanks for reminding us that all that occurs is somehow intended as a guide for us on our path through life. I sometimes struggle with fear and anxiety and it's comforting to know others are there to remind us that it's all to the greater good. We understand so little about life and how everything and everyone are connected as we play out life symphony. Lets just hope that we can do our part to keep the energies in sync so we can resonate to the heartbeat that is our highest potential.

The Mystical Moon said...


HappyDance said...

I am a "multiple planet" Scorpio too. Your comments almost seemed you were reading ME. LOL Isn't this a challenging and exciting karmic path to be on? !! Love it ! All the best to you. Enjoy the ride !! <3