Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Magic of Manifesting

Hello All! It has been a few weeks since I have written a Blog Post. Things have beenflowing and I have been allowing myself to go with the flow ~ 
I do not usually post in my blog about products I have for purchase, however...I do know my Magic of Manifesting Downloadable MP3 class is one that just about everyone could use as a guide to help move through stagnant energy and to help create a life flowing with abundance, better health, more joy and to create a path to the inner self.
The feedback I have received from the class has been wonderful! I thank all who participated in the class. 

We all are creators, manifesting our own lives either consciously or unconsciously. Every thought, action, word and deed goes into the melting pot creating our own lives.

If we learn how to go within, to trust ourselves, to ask ourselves questions that only we can answer...we then are in our own Universal flow and are able to manage and steer the ship we are sailing through life.

In this pre-recorded class I share the suggestions from spirit. These suggestions have helped me to be alignment with my Universal flowing energy. Also, the questions from those who participated in the class are excellent questions that I know many have struggled with. 

At the end is a powerful meditation to help you bring in positive affirmations to help you reprogram the negative broken records that have been playing in your mind.

I have provided a downloadable PDF handout so you can follow along with the class.

I would like to thank my guides and spirit for helping me to be in alignment to channel the information that was brought through for this class. Those who have worked with me know I do not take credit for the information...I am simply the vessel and messenger.


Link to Purchase ~ The Magic of Manifesting MP3 Download

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