Monday, February 22, 2016

Can These 10 Herbs Improve Your Psychic Abilities?

Did you know that simply by burning, carrying or ingesting certain herbs that they can help you boost your psychic abilities? There are many people, myself included who use herbs to improve their psychic ability and get awesome results simply by using herbs.

10 Herbs That Improve Psychic Ability

  1. Wormwood 
  2. Frankincense 
  3. Sandalwood 
  4. Bay Leaf 
  5. Ginger 
  6. Mugwort 
  7. Honeysuckle 
  8. Star Anise 
  9. Cinnamon 
  10. Peppermint


  • Burn as incense in the stick, resin or loose herb form. 
  • Create a blend of herbs to carry with you in a mojo or mesh bag. 
  • Sprinkle some herbs on your altar. 
  • Anoint your candle with some oil, then add the herbs to the outside of your candle. This is also known as Dressing and Blessing a candle. 
  • Mix a tea blend with some of the herbs. *Make sure the herbs you plan to ingest are safe to do so* 
  • Simply breathing in the aroma of the herbs also activates your psychic gifts.
The list of herbs that I have mentioned is a shortened list of some herbs that can help you become more intuitive and are easily obtained and are extremely affordable.

Laurie Barraco

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