Sunday, December 27, 2015

Releasing Ceremony - Make Room For Your Best Year Ever!

Every December, I schedule a date with myself for my yearly releasing ceremony to review all of the major events of the past year – the good and the bad. By releasing the events of the recent year, I am acknowledging my personal path and I am able to put my life into perspective and refocus my goals for the upcoming year.
Releasing Ceremony in 6 Simple Steps
Supplies: All you really need is a pen or pencil, a few pieces of paper and a quiet place where you will have some privacy.
  1. In a private place, find a comfy seat and begin to write down all of the major events of the current year. You will be creating two lists – one is for all of the challenges and disappointments. The other list will list all of your blessings and accomplishments.
  2. Take your time reviewing all of the things you wrote down. Remember, all that has transpired over the past year has all been purposeful for your personal growth.
  3. After you having reviewed 2015, it is now time to release 2015 with love, respect and the knowing that you do not need to repeat the mistakes and that the knowledge you have gained from these circumstances will help you make room for more blessings in your life. Repeat the following statement out loud, “I am grateful for all of my experiences. I use the knowledge I have gained to empower, heal and grow as an individual. I now am ready to release what no longer serves me.” 
  4. You may dispose of these two lists however you wish. Sometimes I burn them, sometimes I shred them and sometimes I bury them.
  5. Now it is time to write down your personal goals for 2016. Be sure to not include anyone else’s name on your list. Dream big, don’t settle and really take your time with this step.
  6. Get ready for the most amazing year ever!!!
This activity can also be done with a group of people, but do keep in mind that when you perform any type of ceremony, the other people’s energy and consciousness are added to your own intentions. I personally prefer to do this activity alone. It gives me a chance to be alone with my own thoughts and energy and it is much easier to focus on the things I am releasing as well as bringing in.

Blessings and Light,

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Deb Tamlo said...

Will do this today as 2015 has not been a very good year for us and have been looking forward to 2016! Thanks Laurie!