Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Jump Start!

Happy New Year Everyone! This one is extra, extra special! All new beginnings are special, however, it is very rare that there is a new moon during the time of the New Year. 

This means we are being given a cosmic leap forward towards our intentions.
Every New Year I celebrate the New Year with ceremony. For me, ceremony is creating a sacred space where I am able to bring in spirit, my ancestors, my guides, my higher self, the collective all that is consciousness, as well as the elements, animals etc.

I create this ceremony with my petitions to spirit to help me create a vortex of energy to send up into the ethers. Along with my petitions, I review the past year of what my achievements, my struggles and my blessings. I release what I feel is complete and make room for new possibilities and opportunities.

I take the time to write the intentions I have for the New Year. I always am sure to have personal, professional, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual goals of intention on my list.

I request the strength, wisdom and the courage to move through the difficulties as well as the knowing or consciousness to be able to recognize and embrace my blessings.

You do not need any fancy supplies or to make this ceremony complicated. Simply your intention, maybe a pen and paper and the open heart and desire to embrace life is all that is required. However, I usually add candles, sage, music, incense, crystals and mystical statues to my ceremony.

2013 was a year of massive change, rebirth, transition and healing. 

2014 is the year to bring in more blessings of healing, growth and soul fulfillment as a result of the cleansing of 2013. 

May the New Year bring hope, happiness, love, light, excellent health, abundance and peace for all.

Many Blessings and Light,

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