Thursday, November 15, 2012

Go With The Flow

Just about everyone is feeling this building up of energy and momentum. I have a little advice for everyone! Use this energy to carry you to the next stage of your desires!
This is what the surge is all about, the changes for 2012!

How do we do this? By redirecting our thoughts, words and actions. You can stop and complain about what isn't right or be proactive and ride this wild tiger energy to inspire and empower yourself.

What has worked effectively for myself is I have surrounded myself with people who love me and keep me in check. They do lovingly communicate to me when I am out of balance or am whirling and swirling about. 
I also have a daily meditation and journaling practice. Once you get the discipline down it does help! I promise.

Remember when you feel anxiety and that overwhelmed feeling, stop, center yourself and start counting your blessings.
I do believe and know we create our realities. Therefore, I do not buy into this whole story of it is going to get worse out there, we are being challenged etc.
You are the captain of your own ship, own it, embrace it and steer it!

You got this!!
Blessings and Light,

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