Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jodi Lynn Lamure- Custom Murals and Art on Canvas and Spirit Portraits

"We see with our eyes. We know with our heart. Outside...inside" - Cantus Fraggle

My goal is to connect what is inside so it can be seen outside and bring the world more joy. There are messages all around us... inside,  outside, beyond... and I try to listen or see these messages and express them through the use of my art. Every space, person and thing I see seems to have its own information it wants to share and i have been learning to trust this information and communicate it the best way I can though art. All of my custom murals and other creative endeavors are completely unique and work with the energies of the individual customer/ their space.

Understanding all things are part of a greater whole=unity=love is the only mission which makes sense to me. Sharing this with others and their surroundings is the best way I know how.

I have been blessed to be surrounded by many gifted and loving teachers and healers throughout my path, who recognize  my art and supported me through my processes. Because of this, these women were able to share some of their gifts with me, so I can share these gifts with others using special products. These products assist my work and have actual energetic healing properties within the art... completely transforming the space it calls home. All of us listening want to share all of our gifts and what better was to do it but through sharing and collaborating.

Please call 239-404-6609 for a consultation.

Spirit Portraits

Often I am asked, "What is a Spirit Portrait?" Is there something you may be questioning? For example... an angel which can be felt around you. Is there anything you are trying to bring in right now or any changes you are trying to implement? Spirit may have some ideas on how to make this easier or where energy blocks  may be. As I create, all things (colors, movement of the art, placement of certain aspects of the design) which show up have some kind of relationship to and are part of the message of the client. This is what I will interpret for the client so they may also understand the message being given. I have been studying any and all spiritual truths and creating for my entire life. This gives me the foundation to understand many of the ways to interpret the messages being sent through. Over the last few years, I have realized how spirit would like me to honor these gifts, by assisting others to find more joy in the world at a time we need it most.

Sessions by appointment $50 1/2 hour or at The Mystical Moon Psychic Faire $20/20min

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