Monday, November 7, 2011

Janet Reynolds

The Mystical Moon will be welcoming Janet Reynolds to our December 10th Psychic Faire. Below is some information about Janet.

My name is Janet M. Reynolds and BLUE

FEATHER is my Spirit Guide

He is from a time long ago

He is strong and was a good warrior

When we do readings we are tuned onto the present of today. We try to

give information that is exceptionally helpful to the individual. We relate

NOW, on the future. Symbols are given at times to create more

awareness to the person. We concern ourselves with how we explain

our thoughts to each and everyone.
Questions can be asked and

answers are found.

Rev. Janet M. Reynolds is a Certified Spirit Medium and ordained

minister, with a private practice in Tampa, Florida. She specializes in

practical channeled guidance from the spirit world, through private

intuitive consultations and group séance gatherings. Her specialty is

bringing guidance from the perspective of spirit into the world of form

and function…wisdom with practical directions for using it. Her work is

valued for the concreteness of the information offered and her ability to

put esoteric knowledge into ideas everyone can use.

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