Monday, August 15, 2011

Sai Maa Diksha Training Thursday, August 18th 6pm $40

Sai Maa Diksha Trainging Thursday, August 18th at 6pm $40
Bringing Enlightenment to the World
Following the initiation, you will be qualified to offer Diksha and become part of the lineage of Sai Maa Diksha.
The Sanskirt word Diksha comes from the root da, to give plus ksi, to destroy and therefore is the process that bestows transcendental, spiritual knowledge while at the same time destroying the seeds of ignorance. Many Great Masters have offered Diksha in many different forms, however, Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi has brought us a simple, systematic approach that can be easily learned and offered by everyone. We call this Sai Maa Diksha.
We are entering a remarkable time for the world, unlike any other in recorded history. There is a Great Shift, a universal transformation taking place that will propel humankind from doubt and confusion, into a Golden Age of Joy, Peace, and Understanding. Powerful new energies are being generated and radiated throughout the world. Great blessings are being showered upon us.
Sai Maa tells us that the most effective tool to take full advantage of these Divine Gifts is the practice of giving and receiving Sai Maa Diksha. This Pure Energy and Light begins a process of dynamic change, activating our dormant spiritual powers, releasing all that no longer serves us, opening the path to Enlightenment. Different spiritual lineages offer different intentions with their Diksha. Sai Maa Diksha is the initiation of bliss; bliss being an aspect of Enlightenment.
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