Friday, November 14, 2008

Goddess Wax Interpretation

Last night at our Gaia Goddess gathering we worked on an intention.
The candle did finish burning very quickly once relit today. The wax went to 3 simple drips on the NE, E and W directions like a blooming flower. Those ladies who were sitting in those spots may see this as resistance to the intention. There was a spot were the wick burnt out and came to rest in the direction of the SW which looked like the stem to the flower. The N, and S spots were empty, clear of resistance. The path to our intention in my opinion holds the most energy to be utilized from the North & South directions, which would be our physical body & our
connection to spirit. Ladies, take those baths, exercise, do those things to nurture yourselves to bring forth that intention!
Take care goddesses! See you on Dec 11th.
Laurie Lynn

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