Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dream Interpretation

Dear Laurie,
I had this dream over 2 months ago, more like a vision if you will, of me driving into an airport, and I see a sign that says 8-12 weeks, like Delta this way. I drive towards that direction, and there was another sign that said 8-12 weeks, like Baggage Claim this way. Then on the road I see painted 7-10 hours. I'm then in a dream, dreaming I'm in the terminal where they take your ticket, and I'm on the phone with my Mom talking about my 90 yr old Grandmother, and I start having problems breathing, I'm telling my Mom I'm on my way home, then I say I'm not coming home, I think I'll stay, it then said that I had 7-10 hrs to live, and then I'm fading. I remember I was fading in that dream. A lot has happened in 2 mos, a couple of things actually and I'm wondering which one of those things are related to this vison. In my final vision I'm in the airport passed out, I see airline tank of gas split, and my car on fire. I also see a judge with a gavel. Nothing court related is going on in my life, and no travelling, at this time in my life. So what can it be?
Dear C,
Here's my interpretation:
This dream is all about the changes in your life.
Baggage: you old emotional "stuff"
Airport: movement in your life
You're probably worried about your Grandmother's health, but you're going to give the new changes a try and try to make it work by staying in the airport
Fading: old patterns the "old" you, also represented by your Grandmother
Changing your mind: maybe you don't want to disappoint your Mom but you're going to make your own decisions.
Gas tank and fire: energy that you have to sustain with all of the changes
Judge: fairness, and that justice will be served for you in some way in your life, unfair situation
I hope that this helps.

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