Monday, April 28, 2008

A New Weekly Class on Wednesday Evenings

I am excited to announce that there will be a new weekly circle that has been added to The Mystical Moon Calendar, it is called Empowering Circles. This circle will start on May 7th. It will be facilitated by Kim Albiez and Bill Sklodowski. During these circles they will provide a safe haven that will
*Be a supportive environment for sharing dreams and aspirations "Where two or more are gathered magic happens"
*Provide powerful rituals, meditations, healing tools and techniques to assist and support you in personal achievement and self-development
*A full circle for the body, mind and spirit...creating a powerful alignment with your intentions and desires.

They encourage you to bring your latest "challenge" each week and find an "empowering" solution.
This circle will be held every Wednesday at 7pm, the cost is $15 per circle.
If you have any questions please call 939-3339

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