Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Instead of Expecting the Best, Project the Best Outcome

Laurie Barraco
We hear it all the time from out metaphysical friends and teachers ~ Expect nothing but the best and that is what you will receive.” What if you did not receive the “best”? You may then hear, “Well there must have been the seed of doubt of negativity in your head.” I do not necessarily agree with this concept. Here are my thoughts on this subject…

            What happens when we expect things or expect people to behave a certain way? We are trying to control the outcome of our and their lives. We are not only attempting to control the outcome but people as well. In fact ~
·      We are impressing our expectations on other people
·      We are controlling other people, taking away their choice of free will (a big spiritual no no)
·      We are limiting the outcome, we might have received 10,000 more dollars
·      We are not allowing the natural process of evolution ex. Timing ~ I want it now!
·      We are setting up ourselves as well as others for failure because they/we have not lived up to our expectations
·      You do not have the faith of your own manifestation process or even the cosmic law of what is for the highest and best good for all.

We are all guilty of putting expectations (limits) on people and goals in our lives. A great prayer I suggest and use is ~ If this is for my highest and best good, I ask for a clear path with clarity and harmony for all.  Another one is ~ My intention is to manifest a healthier body with willpower and a clear path. Please help me resist the temptations of food as well as laziness. The next part of this intention is to take action. Am I going to have a healthier body by just praying? No, I must eat better foods, exercise, get proper rest and make sure I take care of my stress level.  To expect this healthier body to manifest with prayer and expectation alone is unrealistic. Chances are you will be disillusioned with the process and give up more easily and quickly.
      My suggestion is to project with prayer, actions, and trust. For example ~ I would like to build my business with more clientele. I would then meditate, pray asking for more business to come to me by repeat clients, referrals and clients who are attracted to the energy of my business and name. I then would continue to work on my communication skills with others, de-clutter my office/business space, take really good care of my clients, sage the space frequently, get out there to network/market with others and ask spirit to show me where I can improve. I know these messages will come to me through my thoughts, dreams, songs and through the people I interact with on a daily basis. I know my actions match my thoughts and words.
So, the next time you find yourself expecting an outcome, remember you can and most likely are limiting your outcome…it could have been better than what you expected

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