Saturday, December 24, 2011

Joanna Salerno

Every Monday and Thursday

Confused and needing clarity?

Want to connect more fully with your higher self?

Looking for guidance regarding your spirituality?

Seeking alignment of the physical, spiritual, emotional bodies?

Joanna Salerno is now available for appointments a The Mystical Moon.
Joanna offers spiritual counseling, healing touch, crystal and sound healing, Craniosacral therapy, Somato emotional release, life coaching and more.
Her holistic style of healing offers clients many ways to bring their physical, mental and emotional bodies into balance while activating and integrating their spiritual bodies.
A session may include all or just one modality as Joanna “reads” the body first to discern exactly what is needed.

Many times Spirit guides, angels and ancestors will show up to assist in the healing session offering messages to inspire and help support the soul within the body-mind.
If you desire mental clarity, emotional stability, spiritual guidance and physical wellness call for an appointment with Joanna today.

$85.00 for healing session/ $65.00 for Spiritual Counseling/Life Coaching
Available by appointment only Mondays and Thursday 11-6pm at The Mystical Moon
16301 S. Tamiami Trail

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